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Original grandstand seating
New grandstand seating (currently under construction)
Grandstand seating upgrade
Wellers Hill State School, Pool Precinct Masterplan
The original 1950ís brick change facilities at this school pool, no longer functioned the way the school, and community, wished to use it. With a steep entry ramp, many stepped level changes, and outdoor showers located in the entrances to the change rooms, access and circulation flow were the major issues to be resolved. Upgraded facilities, to cater for larger numbers of patrons were also required, due to increases in attendance.

Rather than demolishing the original building, this masterplan proposes to renovate and repurpose it as the new entrance building, kiosk and swim coach office, with associated storage spaces, and level access for prams and wheelchairs.

A new change room building, to current building code requirements, is to be built to the northern end of the pool, adjacent to a larger open lawn area, for swim club events and presentations. The location of this space also allows for a better connection to the adjacent oval, opening more possibilities for flexible use.

A staged approach was proposed, to assist the P+C Association in allocating budget expenditure on improving the facilities over time.
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