Wellers Hill State School, Hall Refurbishment
As an active member of the Wellers Hill State School P + C Association, Wendy has had the opportunity to be involved in the refurbishment of the existing school multipurpose hall. The scope of the project was to enhance the performance of the existing hall for the school’s music, art, theatrical, sporting and fundraising events, and to improve the comfort and internal appearance of the hall.

This included the addition of thermal and acoustic wall and ceiling linings, mechanical ventilation system, new AV system and projector, new lighting, increased stage size, and a new resilient sports floor.

A simple, bright colour scheme prepared by Wendy, using the school’s sporting colours, has greatly enhanced the visual appeal of the space, without any additional cost.

Wendy worked closely with representatives from the P + C Association, the school, project manager and builder throughout the procurement and construction process, to deliver a fantastic outcome for the school and local community.
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Photographer : Linda Mandy
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