New Farm in Brisbane is a hot spot for beautifully intact Art Deco architecture, including Coronet Flats, Babbitt Court, Victory Court, Clifton Court and numerous other apartment buildings around New Farm Park.

Our interest in the local architectural and landscape context inspired a sympathetic approach to the refurbishment of this small retail precinct, located on a significant street corner, opposite the expansive green space of New Farm Park.

The materials and colours for the exterior cladding of the building were chosen to reflect the local Art Deco context, with a herringbone tile pattern representing abstract plant forms, inspired by stained glass patterns at Coronet Court, just down the road.

New openings were provided to open the building up to the park, with enhanced and upgraded outdoor dining spaces, to capitalize on the burgeoning café scene in this leafy suburban setting.

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Trace Studio Architects
New Farm
Photographer : Angus Martin
'Brunswick on the Park'
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Design proposal for Tenancy courtyard